Hey, Drama Queen !!!

for you who wannabe a center of attention,

personally, i never hate you even to blame you
i just want you to know that i've been so tired to see your "extraordinary" behavior
hearing your problem that seems as complicated as math's question, has been a routine in my morning
talking about your man and his-unknown-friend i've never seen
or hearing a huge number of task you haven't done, and you say,
"i wanna die......."

what do you supposed to get?
our attention?
our help?
our care?
or just to make us feel uncomfortable and being miserable?

i know you have a problem, i'm too.
but, must i tell the world that i'm so depressed?
a little chore seems so great with your touch, and everybody should know that.
i believe you have a potential to be an acctress.
i suggested you going to hollywood instead of being a "drama queen"

am i not care?
who's not care?
me, who always hear your (fake) story patiently?
or you, who always make us feel sad with ur life's problem

please stop it!!
i don't want you destruct our happiness, our life
you're too precious to be lost
we still love and care of you
please don't too much. try to reduce your lebay-ness

i'll always hear you everytime and be here for you
i hope you're wise enough to understand.
peace, love and care

from your loving friend


Anonymous said...

wow, dalem bos.

gue kopas ya..

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