All for JUICY

yeay!! i'm in the 2nd grader right now, after struggle against such a bullfucking study. well, 1 year has been passed completely with so much chore,wrath,envious,bullshit and much shit list. too much thing happened and it really changed the way i think and act. true lesson i experienced has turned me from a bit green into mature person with many duties.
but, the thing i would always remember is my lovely sweety hottie class, JUICY.

1st time i step on my feet, uhhh, competition's ambience penetrated my skin directly. everyone was so "kalap" for gettin' hi score. i was almost blue in face (till i tried the best way to suicide!!hhe.lebay). what a jerk shool!!
the other miseries were studying time and the distance between my shool and home which is so far far far awaaaay. i was blue all day long.


finally i realized that i'm in the wrong way. i have to work hard and do study for own benefit. and, you know, it really works,man. i got 4th rank in the class. alhamdullilah. it's so out of blue. amin.

honestly, JUICY or X1 is the best class ever. no doubt. people stayed here aka juicers have taught me through a precious lesson and our togetherness. we live as a big whole fam that cares each other. i remember when we prepared PENSI. everybody was so curious and excited. we went home too late till night with much pain in brain.when it was gettin' closer, everbody saw red. they were frustated and panic. i saw much tears felt down till we wept. it almost ruined our friendship. it was sucks!!

but,there was a silver lining in every cases. after a huge rain (tears) turn up a real happiness. yeay, in the H-day i was so satisfied. no matter how many award we got, it's all about how we reach the climax performance. a moment before show i almost cried, yeah, a happiness tears from our determination, tireless effort and togetherness as one family.-JUICY-.

i feel so gracelful for having such a kind-hearted, energetic, funny, crazy, broad-minded, loyal, strong friend like you, guys!! i will always love you until the end of the time. i am always in love with you, great people!! thanks for being such a best part in my happy life. long live JUICY !!!!