Puisi Untuk Bumi

As The Green Ball’s Tale

Look out the panorama.

Imagine that it is as beautiful as your mama.

Even though we have no green forest for sure, what a drama.

Imagine when deserts are getting wider.

While wet mud is the future of our river.

Imagine unwanted rays would stab you from upside.

While toxic gas could do genoside.

Imagine that all those things you thought are coming closer.

Thus, the mind would be panic by the master.

Open the eyes up and stand, dreamer.


This is the tale.

About the green ball we belong.

Life might not end.

If you are earth’s friend.

If we are earth’s friend.

Never too late to make the start.

Start playing it smart.

And do your part.

(this cool poem was made by my pals, KENETH MUHAMMAD.what a great job, man!)


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